Review: Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Part 1

Some months ago I requested and received a review epub of the O’Reilly book Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I looked it over enough to think it belonged in our collection (and so we purchased a copy), but didn’t have the spare time then to do more than that.

But I always meant to come back to it and give the methods described within a try. It looked like an excellent method to dip one’s toes into the app creating world and maybe, just maybe, it would finally give me the push I needed to get over the hump and put some serious effort into improving my programming skills, which have languished for years now to the point where I’m practically back at beginner level. Not that there’s any programming required to use the method described in the book! That’s actually the beauty of it.

Many months ago, I’d put together a simple (very simple) mobile website for the library. My goal now is to

  1. Freshen it up, as it’s already looking dated
  2. See what might be gained by attempting to turn it into a native Android app

My ongoing review will consist of the description of my efforts as I embark on this project.

A review epub of this book was provided by NetGalley.