Thoughts on Thoughts

I know the type of writer I would like to be – witty, interesting, poignant when the situation calls for it. My arguments should be well-reasoned and cogent and leave even the opposition shaking their head as they admit their opinions have been changed. People reading should feel a prick of jealousy and think to themselves ‘I wish I could write like that’.

But then, who wouldn’t want to be this sort of writer? No one I know, that’s for sure.

Of course, no one is really this perfect. Even Shakespeare has weak parts. But all the same, there are people whose blogs I read who always manage to come across with authority on whatever subject they’re discussing. Their posts are thoughtful and well-reasoned and leave a good impression. Also despair, because who can compete with people who can (apparently) whip that stuff off like it’s nothing?

But in the end it’s not a competition, and even if my thoughts are scattered, I apparently feel compelled to find them a place where I can collect them together and display them for all to see.